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As I began to search for my #oneword2019, I was reading Jon Gordon’s, The Power of Positive Leadership, and Jennifer Hogan’s, Courageous Leadership, and the word just kept coming at me from all different directions! The statement is exactly why I need to focus on my #oneword2019. I was texting my friend, Bethany Hill, how I feel like a squirrel many times collecting all my nuts and never really having enough! For this year, I want to focus on staying FOCUSED!

Focus On…

  • Faith, Family, and Friends (shine on each daily)
  • Being Committed (stick to your goals)
  • A Clear Vision (know my purpose)
  • What’s Important (put it first)
  • The Good (let God take care of the rest)


When a person is focused on something, they’re paying attention to it. When a camera lens or your eyes are focused, they’ve made the adjustments needed to see clearly. When a beam of light is focused on a thing, it’s shining on that thing.

“You get what you focus on-so focus on what you want.”

-Lindsey Bohler’s 2019

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