Get Back to Your Why

Just like that my third year as principal is complete.  It’s actually pretty scary to think about how time flies or is it time flies when you’re having fun!  Although I remember thinking when I started…”Who’s going to support me or show me the ropes of being the principal?”  Don’t think so honey…here are the keys!  Go and Be You!  That was three years ago!  And now…I have to get back to my why.

Thinking of just the last year, I really need to get back to my WHYMY PURPOSE…MY REASON for wanting to be the leader of a school.  Many times as leaders, we get wrapped up in the meetings, data, and policies, so I know it is important to check back into my why.


Going forward I need to take one quick look back and remember my why…



Keep Kids First. Become Learner Driven (then data-driven).


I can’t do this alone!  Looking to always get the support of the team.


Driven. Continue to get better at being better.


Stay…Focused. Motivated. Connected. Committed. 100% Kids First.


What’s your why?  I challenge you to get back to your WHY before the school year starts!



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