Let’s Flip Some Fish

With the week after Spring Break drawing to an end, it has been SUPER busy!  Started with kindergarten registration, followed by two amazing training days of PLCs, and followed up with another long day of kindergarten registration…and did I mention tomorrow is Friday?  I could be sitting around complaining about how busy I’ve been but I really need to…

Get back to the AMAZING training days…So I can Flip Some Fish…

Because that’s what I should really be focused on (not how busy I’ve been) because I have three amazing teacher leaders who are on FIRE.  These days don’t come around very often, so I am taking a step back and enjoying every moment.  Letting these teachers take the lead.  Letting these teachers do what’s best for their teachers.  Letting these teachers do what’s best for their students.

They each share a vision of making us all better learners and teachers for every student that crosses our path.  It is beyond words to hear the eagerness in their voices, actions, and emotions to turn our good to great.  When two hours into the next day, they are texting each other with how powerful a new strategy they used with their students worked.  After the very next team time (PLC), the lead teacher texts me with how her team had such powerful discussions when looking at the curriculum and sharing ideas.  Bringing new teachers out of their shells and letting their lights shine.  The other teacher leader immediately took action on our first task in our “plan” for implementation by creating our school self-assessment.  Last sentence of her text…”Let’s ‘Flip Some Fish.”

Oh, how I have waited to Flip Some Fish… And little did these three teachers know…they were chosen because I know THEY together can Flip Some Fish…


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