The Power of How We Learn

Sitting in a very inspiring and motivating session at ASCD, I couldn’t help but think of how the session information could directly be related to teachers.

How Youth Learn: Ned’s GR8 8 (check it out here) It’s centered around providing for Kids!

My connections...

I feel OK. As leaders, it is our responsibility to make sure the teachers feel ok when in the middle of their learning.  Snacks are always a must and make sure plenty of breaks are provided throughout.  Maybe even a GoNoodle or fun activity to get everyone excited about the day! 

It Matters. Adult learning (what we like to call professional development) should matter to the teachers. It must be relevant and meaningful.  Teachers should have a voice in the learning with individualized learning plans.  This is a huge barrier to teacher learning.  If we expect teachers to do it for students, shouldn’t we provide that expectation for teachers?

It’s Active. Again, we expect for teachers to provide hands-on engaging lessons for our students. Is our adult learning active or engaging? Or are we going old school with the presenter doing all the talking?  

It stretches me. Learning should be challenging for all.  It should push us to be better and inspire us to take risks!

I have a coach. Professional development shouldn’t be the days in the summer where you learn it all.  That just doesn’t happen! We as leaders need to be the coach on the sideline who is inspiring, motivating, and encouraging teachers through their implementation of their new learning.  

I have to use it. It must be directly applied to the teacher’s classroom either with their instructional practices or their students.  It can provide immediate evidence of student learning.

I think back on it. Reflection…do we give teachers time to reflect back on their learning to see how they are going to use it in their classrooms or with their students.  They need the opportunity to plan and see how they will use the new learning.

I plan my next steps. This is part of the reflection and collaboration.  What steps will I take as a teacher with my colleagues to use my new learning to help move student learning forward?  

Is this how we are teaching teachers? Our expectations for teachers in the classroom for students should mirror our expectations as leaders!

Thank you to Jill Thompson and Lisa Allred for your amazing session!

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