For the Love of Learning

Ever since I graduated college, I have been on a journey of learning. Sometimes my husband asks if I will ever be done or my mom says “And what is this for?”  Truth is…I will never be done learning…in fact, I have a love for learning.  I absolutely love to learn new things, take risks, read educational books,  take on new challenges, and share with others around me.  In fact, sometimes I get ahead of myself (ask my teachers)!  Here lately my learning has moved past a degree or anything a college can provide for me!

Twitter (and Chats!)

Twitter has been an amazing journey of learning that has unleashed endless opportunities. The amount of learning that happens in a twitter chat is beyond any textbook out there.  I have used many ideas like the idea To My Awesome Colleagues from Danny Steele, handwritten notes to my students, taking on challenges by Principals in Action, and sharing our own school story. Some of my favorite chats are…#Ohedchat, #kidsdeserveit, #IMMOCC, #leadupchat, #JoyfulLeaders, and soon to be #EduAR. There are so many out there!  Check the topics. Mark your calendar. Get engaged.  Grow your PLN. Move your Learning.


Reading for Fun

IMMOCC.JPGSince jumping into Twitter, there are so many authors who I have connected with and learn from in their books.  Right now…I am in the middle of reading three..right three books at once!  As soon as I get into one, another one pops up!  I’ve listed a few that I am in the middle of right now…


Bohler Connect

Back in the fall, I made the most awesome connection with Bethany  Hill (@bethhil2829) and Karen Norton (@nortnik).  These two ladies have been my motivation and inspiration to be a better leader.  We are behind the Connecting for Kids movement with the #EduAR hashtag and new chat starting April 6!  You can read our reason why, how, and when here with our collaborative blog post: Connecting for Kids.  Just as I talk about making connections with my home state girls, I am also making connections with educators all over the state and country!  Super excited to be part of a live #leadupchat while I am at ASCD conference in Anaheim, CA.


AR Reading Conference #RISEArkansas

By attending state and national conferences, my journey takes on a new kind of learning. The most exciting thing about these conferences…I get to attend sessions with people I have met through Twitter.  Even better…I get the opportunity to present at two conferences this summer in Arkansas (more chances to connect with others in our great state).


For the Love of Learning 


love that I have a love for learning!  It’s my inspiration to be better than I was yesterday and a chance to be awesome tomorrow!  Have you found your love for learning?  It doesn’t have to stop at taking a graduate class or just your PD hours required by the state.  Learning can be a lifelong journey if you want it to be.  So, Go…Be a Lifelong Learner.



One thought on “For the Love of Learning

  1. I am so glad that I read this post. Your passion for learning is contagious and inspiring! I am new to twitter chats, so thanks for sharing some that you have found beneficial. I am going to bookmark your blog as I am learning new things from you!


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