Drink the Kool-Aide

Here’s Your Sign, Lindsey:  What Flavor is YOUR Kool-Aide?

  • Read the blog post, What Flavor is YOUR Kool-Aide, by Bethany Hill and Danny Steele
  • Read the chapter in Start Right Now about “Knowing the Way”

At the end of the blog post, the question was posed: “We are all in — day in and day out.  So… what is the flavor of your Kool-Aide?  And is everyone in your building drinking it?”

People are My Kool-Aide

Energizing. Through a survey in the book, Stand Out, my strength resonated true to my personality. Stimulator.  I always ask myself, “How can I raise the energy?”  At any given moment throughout the school day, I find myself thinking how can I make things better for not only our kids but our staff as well.  Sometimes I even get a little too ahead of myself and need to take a step back for the sake of my teachers. And I am thankful for those relationships because they know they can come tell me when I need to slow down!

lunchOur energy comes from morning music greetings and different classes leading the school with our kid mission song.  Last Spring, I began “Lunch with Mrs. Bohler” for the kids. Each Monday, I eat with 10 different kindergarten students (followed by Tuesday’s eight first graders and Wednesday’s eight second graders).  Selfies are taken and the pictures are given to the students at the end of each week.  The kids eat it up! (Ha!)

I am always looking for ways to encourage, motivate, and inspire the people around me.  I took on Danny’s “awesome colleague” challenge in February.  With some questioning the reasoning behind the challenge (just another thing we had to do), I chose to see the JOY that others were getting from reading their messages.  Some even said I read it over and over again…thinking someone thinks this of me? 

Missing a Few Kinder Teachers…


In January, I started Dinner with Mrs. Bohler. Since I do Lunch with Mrs. Bohler, some of my teachers thought I was inviting students over for dinner! Never did it cross some of their minds that their principal would have them over for dinner!  I feed off energy, so the more people together, the more energized I feel.  And so it began and continues…1st grade is up this month!  (Oh, and by the way…my husband does the cooking!)

February saw something new but filled with awesomeness! A school-wide Family Rally to celebrate our students and have fun as one big, happy family! It’s a time to celebrate and focus on being the best #seslearner possible. It’s encouraging.  It’s motivating.  It’s full of JOY. It will soon turn into a time to not only celebrate our students but our wonderful team of teachers as well.


These people aren’t ‘just’ students or ‘just’ teachers or ‘just’ staff members.  They are my kids, my teachers, my staff.  They are MY SES family.  I do whatever I can to become part of their lives.  I seek to know their passions, their likes, their dislikes, their strengths, their weaknesses, and more importantly their families.  I view this aspect of my job as number one priority.  

I spend time with my kids and teachers whenever I get the opportunity.  

Watching our boys play flag football
FullSizeRender 40 copy.jpg
Watching My Girls Perform (gymnastics)

Are they drinking the Kool-Aide?

I hope we are all drinking the kool-aide at SES where we put people first.  We say we are the best, and the best educators put people first.  I truly believe we are all drinking the kool-aide because we want to be full of JOY not only for ourselves but for our kids.

And if some aren’t drinking the kool-aide…

I got to keep on mixing it up until they are ready to take a DRINK!


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