Now: This Is For You.

Sometimes I wonder if a book is right for me.  Reading Start.Right.Now. The question came…Is this for me?  After reading the first chapter twice (yes, twice!), I knew this book was for me.  So…Is this book for You?

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This Book is For You If You Have…

A Zest for Lifelong Learning.  Most teachers and leaders have a zest for lifelong learning. They never stop looking for reasons to grow and learn more to improve their instruction or leadership.  Ever since I got out of college with my first degree, I have continuously sought out opportunities to go back to school, attend conferences and professional development, read professional books, and participate in anything that would move my learning forward. I will always be a student at heart!

A Need to Share and Learn from Others. Most teachers and leaders have a need to share and learn from their peers.  They find the best resources with the teacher next door or down the hall.  I have always said teachers should be and are the best thieves.  I know I am! I am not afraid to borrow (steal) a great idea from another leader and implement it at our school!  And in return, I am willing to share the great things we do in our school so others can learn too!

A Desire to Connect.  Most teachers and leaders have a desire to connect with other teachers and leaders from all over.  They want to connect with others who are joyful in their position as a teacher or leader.  I connect daily through Twitter and Voxer to connect with leaders and teachers to learn how to be a better leader for my teachers and students. Through these connections, I have also had face to face meetings and gained awesome friends to learn from.

A Willingness to Change and Take Risks. Most teachers and leaders have a willingness to change and take risks if they know it is in the best interest of students.  They want to try anything that will help students be successful.  Though my learning and connecting with others, I have taken several risks to make things better at our school.  The risks sometimes are for the better and sometimes need to be changed to meet our needs.  Whatever the change or risk, we are willing to at least try!

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Excellent Teachers and Leaders Have these Traits in Common

Thank you, Todd, Jimmy, and Jeffrey for pushing EXCELLENCE in teaching and leading!

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Start.Right.Now. Teach and Lead for Excellence by Todd Whitaker (@ToddWhitaker), Jimmy Casas (@casas_jimmy), and Jeffrey Zoul

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