Celebrate Good Times…Come On!

After changing up my morning car duty music, “Celebration” was the first to come on the new Kidz Bop album.  Celebrate…shouldn’t we all be celebrating our story?  It’s our time to come together.  Tell OUR story to everyone around the world (especially our great state).  

Let’s all celebrate and have a good time
We gonna celebrate and have a good time
It’s time to come together
It’s up to you, what’s your pleasure
Everyone around the world
Come on!


While we are so busy with the everyday things, we quickly forget how important it is to share our stories with others and celebrate the good times happening at our schools!  

I love to tell our story about the awesomeness that is happening at our school and wouldn’t you know…I found someone right here in Arkansas who loves to tell her story just as much.  Bethany Hill.  Believe it or not…we met on Twitter!!  I am not sure how we really connected online or remember when, but things just clicked.  To make things even better than Twitter, we were both attending Arkansas Leadership Master Principal where we met face to face (which is funny if you really think about it…our schools are an only hour away from each other).  We soon discovered we were both ALL ABOUT OUR KIDS, and the rest is history!

After many conversations around pushing an Arkansas connection forward, an idea was born.  An idea out of my comfort zone but know with a sidekick like Bethany we could pull it off together.  Because aren’t we better together?  Through these countless conversations, we felt like this became our mission to complete.  A journey of two joyful leaders to travel together.  We want to celebrate everything that is happening right here in our great state by sharing and learning with others!  After all, a PLN is the best source of joy, support, love, encouragement, motivation, confidence, listener…the list could go on. Really all that just from a Twitter PLN and who knows you may just meet one day!

Along the way, we will be seeking out YOUR stories.  So, we hope you will join us on our new journey through Twitter, Voxer, and our Blogs!

Oh, I forgot to mention…You will have to continue to Stay Tuned for what is to come!!  


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