What’s in Your Playbook?

While watching football tonight, I saw a commercial of a football team at a deaf school in California. That’s right…an all deaf football team.  Take a minute to think about how they communicate the plays and how they work together to make things happen on the field. They must have an astronomical playbook with a common vision that gives each player the best possible opportunity to succeed.  A playbook that spells out each strategy with the right people to make it happen.

So, I ask…What’s in Your Playbook?


A playbook begins with a shared vision, mission, and core beliefs.  It has goals to accomplish throughout the year. It’s the game plan to help each child be successful in all that they do.  Who do you call in to make it happen? Each player contributes to the team in different ways.

There is a different lineup to help with all the aspects of the game.  These special teams are in place to help achieve the goals. The instructional lineup consists of the grade level teachers or specialty teachers who collaborate on lesson plans, curriculum, assessments, and instructional strategies in the classroom.  The leadership lineup is the voice of the school.  They help the administration (coaching staff) make decisions about what happens within the school.  Within each playbook, there is a lineup of wellness and parent/community players who work together with input from the community.  One of the most important lineups are the members who make up the intervention team. This team works together with the instructional lineup to create opportunities for students to succeed. With all the teamwork…opportunities are created for success.


The team members need strategies (or plays) to provide guidance for success.  There are so many different strategies (or plays) that can be used to help teachers and students during the school year.  There are PLCs, ongoing-embedded professional learning, peer observations, data/RTI meetings, interventions, curriculum units, lesson plans…the list could go on forever.  It’s knowing if one isn’t working, then you reflect and try another.

So, I ask again…What do you and your team members have in your playbook for a successful school year?

Click here for the commercial: Football, Teamwork, and Technology


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