What’s Yours?

Intentionality: Knowing your purpose and your mission.  Is it part of your School Brand? Vision? Mission? Core Beliefs?  If you know your purpose and mission, do others know it?  See it?  Hear it?  Feel it?

IMG_9223.JPGPurpose. What is our purpose? Being (and creating) Life Long Learners.  Throughout the year, we should be engaged in ongoing professional development devoted to learning and moving instruction forward.  To see improvement of instruction, we must take action in learning, growing, and improving our strategies. Being intentional gives all students opportunities for life-long learning experiences.  As learners ourselves, we must strive to seek new and exciting ways for students to learn in the classroom.  Our kids deserve to walk into the classroom each day like it is a candy store! 

File_000 (2).jpeg


Mission. What is our mission? Student Success. We must continuously look at what else.  What else can we do to help students be successful?    We should see ourselves as the number one determinant of their success or failure.  Socially, emotionally, and academically successful at all times.  This means leading with a full heart for kids!

Our Purpose and Our Mission…What’s Yours?


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