For the past week, I have been trying to find my #oneword for 2017.  Before moving on to 2017, I took a minute to look at 2016 (#oneword2016 was gratitude). Looking back, I began to think about the summer!  I have so much to be thankful and grateful for during 2016.  I knew it was time to hold on tight and support all that had happened in 2016. And with that…I found my #oneword2017 in EMBRACE.

GRATEFUL for Summer 2016

Family. June. After a year of being two hours apart and only having weekend visits, our family was once together again. I am forever GRATEFUL we are all back together.

Kids. July. Found my true core belief, vision, and mission all in one.  #KidsDeserveIt  I am very GRATEFUL for Adam Welcome and Todd Nesloney for their movement with always putting kids first. I am GRATEFUL for my SES team in embracing it with me!

My Tribe. August. Participated in my first overnight team building trip with my staff from @SheridanSES.  GRATEFUL for each of the SES Tribe and what they have done for me! Participated in my first Twitter Chat.  Met #JoyfulLeaders such as Bethany Hill, Sean Gaillard (#CelebrateMonday),  Lindsy Stumpenhorst (#momsasprincipals), & reconnected with Karen Norton. AND More! GRATEFUL for all of the Learning!

On to Embrace the Journey of 2017

FAMILY. 2017Embrace the ones you love most by enjoying every moment.  MIMG_3833.JPGake sure to balance work and family.  In a conversation I had with Adam Welcome back in the fall, the first question he asked me was about balance. Balance between my work and home!  I will admit I have a hard time not wanting to work at home. This year I want to find that balance and embrace it. For 2017, I want to embrace the moment with family because it will come and go quickly. I want to embrace life together with Jason, Payton, and Dylan by enJOYing every minute we have together.


KIDS. 2017. In 2016, I wrote a blog post about answering with “Kids Deserve It.”  I am sticking to it for 2017 but will ask others to continue to follow me with putting OUR KIDS first!   The challenge is to find new opportunities and time to make it all about the kids! We only have our kids from 8ish-3ish, so let’s embrace every minute we have to make the most of their day and have fun while teaching and learning!  What better way to embrace 2017 than seeing kids having fun while learning!


My Tribe. 2017. EMBRACE Everything You Learn…For Me…

  • Join numerous chats and gr0w my PLN…Love being part of the #JoyfulLeaders Chat
  • Begin a journey with the Compelled Tribe
  • Look forward to helping host the first #CentralAREdCamp
  • Start an SES Chat
  • Continue learning with Arkansas Leadership Master Principal
  • Read MORE Books (Share #BookSnaps)
  • Participate in Voxer Chats


2017 is not just another year.  It’s an opportunity for a new beginning.


5 thoughts on “#OneWord…Embrace2017

  1. Lindsey,

    You have outlined some wonderful goals for yourself and others around you this year! I look forward to hearing about your progress. Welcome to the #compelledtribe!



  2. LIndsey, I really liked how you set goals with your word – embrace. Looks like you have already taken steps to embrace 2017. I look forward to learning from you this year.



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