For the past week, I have been trying to find my #oneword for 2017.  Before moving on to 2017, I took a minute to look at 2016 (#oneword2016 was gratitude). Looking back, I began to think about the summer!  I have so much to be thankful and grateful for during 2016.  I knew it was time to hold on tight and support all that had happened in 2016. And with that…I found my #oneword2017 in EMBRACE.

GRATEFUL for Summer 2016

Family. June. After a year of being two hours apart and only having weekend visits, our family was once together again. I am forever GRATEFUL we are all back together.

Kids. July. Found my true core belief, vision, and mission all in one.  #KidsDeserveIt  I am very GRATEFUL for Adam Welcome and Todd Nesloney for their movement with always putting kids first. I am GRATEFUL for my SES team in embracing it with me!

My Tribe. August. Participated in my first overnight team building trip with my staff from @SheridanSES.  GRATEFUL for each of the SES Tribe and what they have done for me! Participated in my first Twitter Chat.  Met #JoyfulLeaders such as Bethany Hill, Sean Gaillard (#CelebrateMonday),  Lindsy Stumpenhorst (#momsasprincipals), & reconnected with Karen Norton. AND More! GRATEFUL for all of the Learning! Continue reading “#OneWord…Embrace2017”


Spreading Joy

fb-twitterEncouraged by the reactions from last year’s Facebook challenge, this year’s Facebook/Twitter SES Spirit of Christmas had to step it up! (It even got a new name!)  I am constantly thinking of new ways to spread the joy with my teachers, staff, and students. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the teachers and students brings the JOY to me!!

What if Spreading Joy became contagious with our students?  What if our students learned to spread the joy?  When was the last time you spread a little joy?  How would you feel if you saw smiles with the joy that you gave?

thank-youI Know How I Feel…

I feel thankful, blessed, grateful, and FULL OF JOY!!  My heart is always excited to help people feel loved and appreciated.  I love to listen to my teachers talk about who won the nightly FB contest and even better to see them each congratulate the winner!!  The contests have grown to not only FB but Twitter with the #sesrocks to see who can show students having the most fun while being engaged in the learning!  The pictures and videos were amazing!!

My Challenge to You…Spread a Little Joy

The Joy Spreading has happened for some this past week, but I want to challenge each of you to spread a little joy.  It can be a simple letter to a colleague or friend, an ornament for a family member, thank you note, phone call, or anything to make someone SMILE!!!

 How will you spread the JOY?

Spread Joy…Make Someone Smile



Engaged Kids are Inspired Kids

Quality Learning…

If you were to ask your staff what does quality learning look like in your classroom, what would they say?

When I asked my own staff, it was almost unanimous with one word…ENGAGING.

Of course, quality learning must be engaging because Engaged Kids are Inspired Kids.

When we have kids who are inspired to learn, then it makes our jobs easier.  If you really think about it, all of the words on the list involve engagement.


 CHALLENGING. Kids are highly engaged in their own learning when they are challenged by the teacher. They think it is a game and want to win!! (Same goes for challenging adults!) EXCITING. Everyone wants their learning to be exciting no matter how old you are!  No one said learning couldn’t be FUN.  MEMORABLE.  If learning is fun and exciting, then it will surely be memorable.  The first activity at my new school was a community scavenger hunt.  It was the most fun I’ve ever had at a PD, and I learned so much about my new team members.  VALUABLE. A scavenger hunt was not the purpose of the learning, but learning who was on my team was valuable. MEANINGFUL. Learning is meaningful for all learners when there is a purpose.  Someone leading the learning has told me “why” so I now know it is important and ESSENTIAL.  The learning needs to be DIFFERENTIATED to meet the individual learning styles and needs so the learner can ACHIEVE.

Quality Learning is ENGAGING but as Learners Ourselves…

Remember…It is so much MORE!