Answer With…”Our Kids Deserve It!”

I love my kids.  As each day passes, I find my love for my kids growing stronger.  Now let’s clarify…I love my OWN kids more than anything in this world.    From the moment I started following #KidsDeserveIt I knew we were in for something BiG. (so were our kids!)

In the first chapter of “Kids Deserve It, ” Adam (@awelcome) and Todd (@techninjatodd) begin with a big challenge of taking a leap of something BIG and CREATIVE!!   We wanted to try something new by making the first day magical!  We rolled out the red carpet and made each kid (and even families) feel famous!  Teachers cheered each child on as many walked through our school doors for the first time.

I was later asked…How do you know your first day of school was great?  How do you know your students want to come back to your school?

              Ella (2)magical (1).PNGStevens Kids (1)

Celebrate MondayFor me that was only the first day of many for our students.  We are working daily to find new ways to showcase our students through different social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, a school blog, and an online weekly newsletter through Smore.   We have joined the weekly #CelebrateMonday trend on Twitter.  New teachers joined and are tweeting daily about the AWESOME things happening with our kids daily.   I ask… Are you sharing with others the amazing things happening inside the classroom walls?  How does your community see students learning at your school?

twitter plc
Learning to Tweet! #seslearners

Next Up…Kids Begin Tweeting

We have a Student Tech team that we started last year, so we want to use those students who are continuing as 2nd graders to help teach other students about acceptable messages and pictures to share with our community.  We are making “commercials” about upcoming events.  Teachers are blogging about what is happening in their classrooms.  It is now part of responsibility as teachers of young learners to ensure they are using the new technology correctly before it’s too late.  If we don’t teach our students, who will?

Check one of our videos out here… Coming Soon: Grandparents’ Breakfast.

lunchLunch with Mrs.Bohler

My favorite time of the week!  Lunch with students who were chosen by their teacher for showing good behavior, attitude, and character throughout the week!   It’s our time to talk and get to know each other.  I show the students pictures  and videos of my family while they also share stories about their siblings and extra curricular activities.  Of course we have to take a selfie!! Each kid gets their very own copy too! Parents tell me they see me every time they open the refrigerator!

 New this year…Read to Mrs. Bohler!

officeA time we will also dedicate to making Happy Calls from my office.  

And finally the Questions Come…

There are questions every minute of every day in the world of education. Students are asking questions, my teachers ask questions, and parents ask questions throughout the week.  Through each busy day full of questions our number one answer should always be “because our kids deserve it.”  Our kids deserve it for us to open the car doors each morning with a smile on our face.  And the parents do too…I mean they are leaving us with a little piece of their heart each day!  Our kids deserve to have relationships with each of us at the school because who knows what kind of relationships they have at home.  We never know what they experience when the leave us every afternoon.

As much as I love my kids, I love my staff too!  They are my tribe.  They help me tell the story of our kids.  I look to them for answers to better help our kids.  Here we are going into our 4th week of school and my addition to the answer will be to never stop.

Never stop believing that our kids deserve it.

Best you